Chili Grill Oil

Hi folks,

If it comes to pure and simple grilling I like to use my Chili Oil.

Based on extra virgin olive oil flavored with chilis from the garden it fits perfect for beef steaks but also as a base for a marinade.
It’s really simple to make and there is also a Thermomix recipe available (also on cookidoo)

– 500ml extra vergine olive oil
– 6-8 chilis from the garden.

I dry my chilis in the oven for about 95 min. I do not own a dehydrator (Dörrautomat) as yet! 🙁

I shred them for three seconds and heat them up with 50ml of olive oil to 100°C for about 20 minutes.
After that I mix it up with the rest oil (450ml) for another 3 seconds.

I give the chili oil a rest about 24h before bottling and put some deco chilis inside of each bottle too.

That’s it!


Here some impressions:


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