Skewer from the Weber kettle

Two days ago I watched the film “Barbecue” (check it out on NETFLIX) and somehow I got inspired by all the skewer and kabob scenes.

Today I dug a bit in my BBQ stuff and found a brand new Weber kabob set which I bought some years ago.
So let’s get the party started!

I lit up a chimney with charcoal briquettes and my wife prepared in the meantime the skewers.
She used beef and pork meat with my self made chili oil and the Ankerkraut Gunpowder. Damn folks give the Gun Powder a try it’s damn fu***** good!
Side dish was a self made guacamole, chips and a green salad.

Finally I feel forced to say that it was one of the best dishes from the grill. Hot & Fast.

Here are some impressions

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