BBQ Project of the day 06-08-2017

For today we decided to prepare something on the smoker.
Finally we ended up with a 2kg Brisket.

The Rub was a classic Dalmation-Rub with some special ingredients.

After round about 2.5h I hit the stall and I decided to wrap the meat after 4h with butcher paper.
The stall lasted nearly 6h !! After raising the temperature from 110°C(230°F) to 130°C(266°F) the temperature started to raise again.
With a core temperature of 93°C(199°F) the brisket came off from the WSM (11h) to rest for 45Min.

The final outcome was a super tender, juicy meat with a nice bark and an impressive smoke ring.

For those who read my Grommet post – It worked perfectly !

Ok here some impressions:


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