I got my hands on some beef short ribs.
The idea was to make them on my lovely SS Performer with the Slow-N-Sear insert, but the weather was not great and windy so I decided to go with a WSM.
Because of the small amount of meat I finally decided to use the 18.5″ WSM.


  • Prepare the meat by removing the top fat layer (kind of a membrane) and use sea salt to start a dry brine over night.
  • 1.5h before the meat hit the griddle put it out of the fridge and let the pieces come to room temp.
  • Apply fresh ground pepper
  • Prepare the grill for indirect grilling or use a smoker (e.g. WSM)
  • Bring the grill temp to 250°F (120-125°C)
  • Use some wood chunks for smoke flavour (I prefer Hickory)
  • Let the meat for 3-4h in the indirect zone
  • Spray the meat every 30min with a juice. (I prefer an apple juice -water -apple-vinegar mixture)
  • If the meat reaches a core temp around 165°C/74°C put the meat in a pan and add some juice (not that much) and foil the pan tightly
  • After approx 1,5h the meat should be nice and tender with a core temp around 208°F/98°C
  • Move the meat out of the pan back to the griddle and give it 10-15min to reform the bark
  • Finally it’s time for the meat to rest, at least 30min better 1h.
    (For the resting phase I use an insulated box)

If you like beefy flavour you definitely have to give this a try – Easy and delicious.

Here are some impressions

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