First modification on my Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM)

I was looking for a possibility to use my temperature probes without folding the cable of them to much.
I used to insert the probe through the lid air vent or the front door. Both options are suboptimal for the cable.

The new WSMs (I guess since 2016) have a rubber grommet on one side for this purpose but mine is some years older.

My idea was to drill a hole into a M12 screw to create a hollow screw. I drilled a 6,8mm hole (M8) to create the possibility to close the hole with a M8 screw.
I decided to substitute one of the grate holder screws. Therefore it was also necessary to drill a 12mm hole into the WSM and the grate holder, too.

Finally I am really happy with the solution. It works great and does not change the appearance of the WSM to much.
If the grommet is in use I use the lid handle to store the set screw while smoking. (see last two pics)

Here some impressions:

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