!! AC/DC !!

Hi all,

My wife and I have been to ACDC.
The new Europe-Tour started yesterday (08.05.2015) in Nuremberg “Zeppelinfeld”

It was really impressive. More than 85.000 visitors and every one of them screamed and whistled and all know the lyrics. It was my 3rd ACDC concert, but this was impressive.

Here a short impression how power full it was.
Damn it was fucking great !!!!

(video has 44MB so try to use a fast connection)


  1. The best Cocktail ever. AC/DC, Friends and Beer. I wish, I can have it every day. Thanks for the great evening.
    Martina & Alex

    1. Yes same from our side!
      It was a great evening and superb ACDC experience with friends and family.
      A really exciting concert.
      You have to experience an ACDC concert at least in your life.

      Jan & Steffi

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