Today morning I was on the road again 🙂
300km and 3.5h to get what I never expected to get in Germany.
A Brownie and unused for 30 years.
This E code was bought on a trade fair in late 1983 according to the guy who sold it. His father bought it once because he was fascinated of the indirect grilling and he decided to get it for is weekly roast.
Unfortunately (for him, not for the grill) his father died due to an accident a few years later and has not used the grill as much as he should. Since this time the grill was untouched in a corner of a garage for more then 30 years.
The price was very high but …. as I saw the first pics … money? Who cares!
Something inside of me said “Get it!” “Go for it!” “Make it yours”.

Brown kettles with “Euro legs” are so super rare and in this condition nearly unique !!! I LOVE it !!!

I did and here are some impressions:

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