For this bank holiday we decided to prepare a nice brisket. I was able to get a super nice brisket from a famous butcher here in my area. I had planed to start early in the morning with one of my Weber Smokey Mountains but when I woke up it was only 1°C ( 34°F) and I decided to go with the better insulated Weber Summit Charcoal.

Here are some impressions:

Some additional facts due to some questions of a good friend!

  • Brisket 3,13kg (7lb)
  • Temperature 130°C ( 266°F)
  • Final core temperature 94°C (201°F)
  • Overall time 5:40h
  • Cherry wood
  • Dalmatian Rub
  • Wrapped in butcher paper after 3h
  • Rest time ~3h

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