Dutch Oven

Today I got a heavy parcel.
It was time to extend my BBQ equipment with a super high quality Dutch Oven.
I was fist looking for a Lodge but then I decided to go for a German Company.
Petromax, a company known for super quality, had exactly what I was looking for and some other cool stuff too.

Ok here we go:
With the new dutch oven “Petromax ft6” in combination with the “Pro-Ft Set” pieces of kit it’s a super versatile stuff.

It’s so cleverly designed, really super impressive.
You can convert your normal dutch oven into a cast iron pan with adjustable charcoal basket or even a grill with the grill grate.

The pieces of kit are originally from “Camp Maid” USA but here in Germany you can get it from Petromax with the additional label “by Camp Maid”
For me these guys from Camp Maid brought a hundred years old, not much enhanced, dutch oven tradition to a new level.

Here some impressions:

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