This was the first cook on my new 18.5″ WSM.
To be honest the space on the racks is very limited but OK for two racks of ribs on each rack.
With a rib rack you can do a lot more ribs but if you can do it without a rack it’s more convenient when it comes to glazing the pieces.

I got for four perfect ribs from my favourite butcher. I rubbed them with self made Magic Dust and let them sit over night.
I decided due to the thickness and size of the ribs to go for the 3-2-1 method.
The glaze was my self made “Wet Bitch” BBQ sauce. (Ketchup, Pepsi and vinegar based)

The Ribs came out perfectly and were delicious.
The WSM itself runs very steady with a very good fuel consumption.

Here are some impressions:

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