I’m proud to present a super, super rare Master Touch generation 1 in chocolate brown.
I was searching for one of these for nearly 6 years.
In the famous WKC (Weber Kettle Club) there are only three known Brownies MT1. (including this one)

My Brownie is a N code from 1991 and after some needed TLC in good shape. It was used and abused for many years somewhere in Switzerland but finally it found its way to me – Upper Franconia. 🙂

OK here some impressions:

2 thoughts on “Master Touch Brownie N-code

    1. Hey Patrick,
      Thx for the comment.

      If you have an old kettle you need to buy actual stuff e.g. the sweepers. The new versions also fit here.
      Wooden handles etc. you have to use from a second kettle.
      That’s why some of my projects take years because I need to find a second or sometimes a third kettle to get missing parts from it.
      But ash sweeper and grates you can use the actual stuff.


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