Beef Battle 14.07.2016

Yesterday was a good day !
A good day because I learnt a lot. I learnt a lot about meat, especially beef


I got one of the rare seats at this event, because normally it’s just packed.

Ok – Lead the charge Jürgen !!

There was:

  • Pastrami (defently the best one I have ever tasted)
  • A superb Flat Iron Steak (top blade, shoulder)
  • Simmentaler Rind Hüfte (hip)
    Black Angus Beef Hüfte (hip)
  • Simmentaler Entrecôte (Aged in the Ageing Box)
    Simmentaler T-Bone Entrecôte (Dry Aged)
  • A good selection of superb franconia beer (Rittmayer Hallerndorf)
  • Finally you could have a snaps (Etter Williams Barriq)

OK – Some impressions of this impressive, informative and relaxed evening !

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