Today I had my second kettle pickup of 2018.
Another Lady in red.
One Touch from 1991

[Pic update 11.01 – With restored Side-Table]
[Pic update 09.01 – Ash cleaning system + restored org. grate + colour changer]
[Pic update 08.01 – Handles]

The lid is super nice and a colour changer but the kettle itself is in very bad conditions.
But according to the “Weber Kettle Club” – “Rescue, Restore, Respekt” I decided to give some TLC.

The project needs some days so I will update the progress with pictures.

First cook on it – Click me!

Here some impressions

In the meantime I also prepared some food “meat in layers” in the Dutch Oven.
Dutch Oven is perfect unattended cooking while working on other stuff.

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