My BBQ hardware

Grills, Smoker and Dutch Oven



Weber WSM 22,5″ & 6xWeber 22.5″ & Weber GoAnywhere_3Handle

Weber Go anywhere – Rare version with three handles



Weber Rapidefire Chimney (amazon link)
Weber Firespice Cedar Planks
Weber BBQ Tongs (amazon link)
Weber Spatula (For Burgers) (amazon link)
Weber Wok 22,5″ (amazon link)
Weber Wireless Thermometer (amazon link)
Maverick 732 Wireless Thermometer (amazon link)
ETI SuperFast Thermalen (Video)
Weber Gourmet BBQ System + Sear Grate
Weber Kabob Set (amazon link)
Weber Poultry Roaster (amazon link)
Weber Rib Rack (amazon link)
Weber Side Table (also a old version)
IKEA Rib Rack (amazon link)
IKEA Koncis Edelstahl Ofenform (must have !!) (amazon link)
Weber Burger Press (amazon link)
All types for Weber Cleaning Brushes
Cast Iron Pot
Petromax Iron Pan
Pizzastone (amazon link)
Iron Cast Grate + Cig Lifter (amazon link)
2 x Iron Cast Griddle (amazon link)
Caso VC300 Pro (Video)

Petromax Feuertopf (Dutch Oven) ft6
Petromax/by CampMaid Pro ft Lid Lifter Set 

… and a lot more

Some Pics


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