Weber kettles 22.5″ overview

I guess Weber started selling kettles in Europe in the ’70s (needs further analysis)
Due to this fact I will only talk about kettles you could find in Germany.

Except the cheap kettle versions “Bar-B-Kettle and Compact Kettle” all available kettles have the One-Touch System.
The Bar-B-Kettle uses the so called Daisy Wheels to control the air flow.

One-Touch is simply the one armed system to control the airflow and due to that the temperature and the ash sweeper to wipe out the ashes. It was introduced in 1991.

All Weber kettle are porcelain-enameled.

Here is a list of different models and their features:

  • One Touch Plus
    Offers: 22.5″ with temperature gauge, lid holder “Tuck-Away”
  • Master Touch (Generation 1 [1992-1999])
    Offers: 22.5″ with removable temperature gauge, lid holder “Tuck-Away”, aluminium ash-catcher, flip-style grate, wooden handles
  • Master Touch (Generation 2 [2015-up to now])
    offers: 22.5″ with build in thermometer, lid holder “Tuck-Away”, aluminium ash-catcher, flip-style grate, plastic handles, longer legs
  • One Touch Platinum
    offers: 22.5″ with build in thermometer, lid holder “Tuck-Away”, aluminium ash-catcher, flip-style grate, mounted on steal chart frame, one (older) or two mounted worktables
  • One Touch Gold – Since 2015 named “Original Kettle Premium
    (The Gold and the Premium were also available as 26 3/4 (67cm) diameter from 2009-2015)
    offers: Aluminium ash catcher, build in thermometer and flip-style grate
  • One Touch Silver – Since 2015 named “Original Kettle” (from 197x to somewhere of the mid 80s the 22″ was named 70000series. Each colour has a number like 7xxxx. E.g. The 22″ red kettle 73001 (red). They handles on the bowl where made of metal and the bowl offers three vents (air intake) called “Daisy Wheels”. After introducing the OneTouch cleaning System the kettles were named OneTouch Silver/Gold)
    offers: Aluminium ash pan, prior 1985 with so called Euro legs and twist aluminium ash pan.
    1985 twist aluminium ash pan but now with straight legs. 1986 also the ash pan has been changed to the version which is still in use.
  • One Touch Silver Limited (rare)
    Only in 2005 (DE/Austria)
    offers: Aluminium ash pan, removable thermometer (like MasterTouch Gen.1), black handles,
    colour=charcoal mica
  • Performer
    offers: Mounted on a rolling chart, flip-style grate, (Deluxe version: gas-ignition system (Touch-N-Go)), build in thermometer, lid holder “Tuck-Away”, aluminium ash catcher

Cheap beginners versions:

  • Bar-B-Kettle
    Not really a collectors item but still a good cooker.
    offers: Simple grill grate, Daisy wheel temperature control (3 Daisy wheels), aluminium ash pan.
  • Compact-Kettle
    Not a collectors item.
    offers:  Simple grill grate, one Daisy-Wheel on the bottom for temperature control, aluminium ash pan.